Collaboration Fund

We know there is great work being done across campus to support students and make the University of Arizona a more equitable campus. Given CGA's mission and vision we are offering funding for programming/events that are collaborative in nature and connected to the concept of intersectionality to promote cross-collaborations amongst cultural centers, identity-based student organizations, and campus partners.

To be considered for funding, your request should include: 
1. A cross collaborative event or program between two or more identity-based student organizations in different areas across campus.
2. A program or event that focuses on intersectionality (i.e.: issues of power, identity, and oppression).
3. A detailed overview of the program/event; including goals and/or objectives. 
4. Ideas about how Common Ground Alliance student staff can help support the event planning process/operations. 
5. A detailed event/program budget of how funding will be spent