The Queer Trans People of Color and Two Spirit Discussion Group (QTPOC+2S) engages participants in empowerment building dialogues and activities while also presenting events and activities for the wider campus to learn more about being allies to QTPOC+2S. Open to all Queer, Trans, People of Color and Two Spirit community.

We invite the Queer, Trans People of Color community to join together regularly throughout the semester.

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Impact of QTPOC+2S

Since the Fall 2022 semester, the QTPOC+2S Discussion Group has seen a 63% increase in program attendance.

When asked if students would recommend or mention QTPOC+2S to a friend, 100% of assessed students responded yes. Students also responded yes with a 100% response rate when asked if they would attend future events or socials hosted by QTPOC+2S.

The data gathered shows how impactful the QTPOC+2S Discussion Group is for QTBIPOC students at the University of Arizona. 

Through event assessment, we found that the QTPOC+2S Discussion Group is an important program that helps QTPOC+2S-identifying students build community and impact their sense of belonging on campus at the University of Arizona. When asked if QTPOC+2S assessed events supported students' sense of belonging, 100% of surveyed students responded yes. When asked why students attended QTPOC+2S assessed events, 100% of surveyed students responded "to be in community with other people."

Since the Spring 2023 semester (January 13th - May 1st), QTPOC+2S has reached 5,013 social media users. Since August 22, 2022, QTPOC+2S has had a 4.7k% increase in followers